Yummiloo "Hooray Dance: Remix"

Yummiloo is a new food adventure series for kids from the creators of Blue’s Clues.  Healthy eating is the star of the show in the wonder-filled land of the Yum Yums.

We love that the show is striving to combat the increasing onslaught of pressure on kids and parents to eat over-processed, under-nourishing foods.  So, for Yummiloo’s new kid’s app promo, we wanted to give nature’s snacks the glitz and glamour they deserve.  A remix was in order.

To mix things up like a fresh smoothie while staying true to the Yum Yums’ existing sonic identity, we used the obvious ingredients: Yummiloo’s theme song, “Hooray Dance” (and lots of produce).  We sliced it, diced it, juiced it, and moussed it until it sounded like a high-octane, low-sugar future quest through foods of all colors.

Keep an ear out for a cameo from former first lady Michelle Obama–the coolest fruit- and veggie-loving lady we know.

Hooray Dance: Remix

Remix, Arrangement: Alex Kahn, Mary Wood & Clifford Lane for FrisbieNYC
Original Song: Mary Wood & Clifford Lane
Client: Yummico